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Two Methods for Gluing up the Rim Block

Method #1: Using a jig to hold the segments
I use a gluing jig to hold the segments while they’re being glued. I find it very handy, and I would encourage any serious builder to make one.

Material: 3/4” plywood covered with Formica
Dimensions: 17” (top to bottom) x 18” (right to left)

Anchor Blocks
Material: Oak
Dimensions: 1” x 1” x 71/4”

5/16 X 2” (with cap ends to accept a 1/4” Allen wrench)

Cauls: (Pads)
Material: Any scrap wood
Dimensions: 1” X 3/16” X 6 5/16”

1. Drill and tap 5/16 threaded holes in the anchor blocks
           Hole locations (measured from center of the hole):
                     3/8’ from the bottom of the block
                     Holes are 5 1/2” apart

2. Screw or bolt the anchor blocks to the base.
           Block locations:
                     Blocks are arranged in a hexagon
                     Each block is 13” from the block on the opposite side
           Holes for screws of bolts:
                     The holes are 4” apart

3. Thread the bolts through the holes

Method #2: Using Clamps to Hold the Segments

Start by gluing up half of the hexagon (by clamping the segments to a work board), then sand two of the edges flat. One way to do this is with a large belt sander.

An easier way to sand the edges it use a Shopsmith because you can back the pieces against the fence and draw the disk sander into the work. This guarantees that the edges will be parallel to each other and to the edge of the center wedge.

Creating the completed hexagon is just a matter of a little glue and three clamps. Speaking of glue, I prefer Elmer’s Pro Bond interior glue. It has a strong initial tack, and superior holding power once it’s dried.

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