radial arm or miter saw stop block
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Radial Arm Saw Stop Block and Hold Down


This is my latest addition to my radial arm saw. Itís a hold down that keeps my fingers away from the blade.

I screwed a piece of half inch MDF on top of the RAS table. The MDF has a routed slot that accommodates a toilet bolt. I routed halfway through the board using a narrow bit, then I flipped the board over and routed the rest of the way through with a wider bit. I made a little opening at the end so I could remove the toilet bolt if necessary.

We've all clamped a block of wood to use as a stop block, but when the cutoff is a piece of short or thin wood, it often gets picked up by the saw blade and thrown by the blade. At the very least it damages the wood, and it could fly back and hit you.

This stop helps solve that problem. The stop block itself is the same thickness as the work piece. A second block of wood goes across the stop block and partially across the work piece, holding it in place until after the cut is complete.

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