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Click here for my method of aligning a radial arm saw.

     Radial Arm Saw Alignment

Click here for instructions on building a workbench

     Build a Workbench

Click here for instructions on how to build a sliding crosscut table for your table saw.

     Shop-Built Sliding Crosscut Table

Click here for my method of cutting a box joint.

     Build Your Own Box Joint Jigs

Click here for an easy and effective way to seal your contractor saw from leaking dust.

     Dust Collection for Contractor Saw

Click here for my method of hand sharpening chisels and plane blades.

     Hand Sharpening Chisels and Plane Blades

Click here for my method of cutting an open mortise and tenon joint.

     Cutting an Open Mortise and Tenon Joint with Machinery

Click here for tips to make your next gluing job easier.

     Glue and Gluing Tips

Click here to see a handmade adjustable story board for making precise inside measurements.
     Adjustable Story Board

Click here to see my belt sander fixture for removing large nicks from plane blades.

     Sharpening Fixture for Belt Sander

Click here to see my table saw outfeed extension.
     Table Saw Outfeed Extension

Click here for some upgrades you can make to your table saw.
     Table Saw Upgrades

Click here for a better, safer way to use a stop block.

     Radial Arm or Miter Saw Stop Block

Click here for tips on using your biscuit joiner.

     Biscuit Joiner

Click here for tips about the ShopSmith.

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