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Woodworking Projects
All project designs are copyrighted.

banjo Close-up of the peghead and top frets

This open back is one of my favorites, mostly because it has great tone.

close-up of the mother-of-pearl heron inlay on the peghead of the banjo the back of the banjo the front of the banjo

This resonator banjo was originally made as a plectrum, but I
re-necked it as a five string a few years ago.

banjo necks
There are always a few instruments in the works. I make the necks first because they don't cost as much to build, plus I think it's a good idea to let them sit for a year or so to see if they're going to remain straight.

the beginnings of a ukelele

This wooden form contains some bent pieces of wood that I hope will someday be a ukulele.

A pine chest and an oak chest

Here are a couple of blanket chests.

walnut box
This small walnut box is pretty plain, but it has some nice finger joints. I often use finger joints when I build boxes or display cases. (The cases holding my hand planes have finger joints.)

a walnut and hickory clock
I built this clock, and it has been so popular that I've built several more for various friends and family members. (You can see another version of this clock on my workbench in the photo of my old shop.)

Push sticks, a pen holder, and sanding blocks
I enjoy making small projects like these two styles of push sticks, the pencil holder, and sanding block, and I often use them as gifts for friends and family.

Hand planes with cherry and mahogany replacement knobs and handles

These handles and knobs on these planes were made from scraps of cherry (small plane) and mahogany (large plane).

A plywood organizer for holding various forms and labels.

This plywood project was built to organize some forms and papers.

A maple coffee table
This coffee table is a favorite of mine. It's really solid and has an almost bullet-proof finish, which is good because I use it as a coffee table, footrest, bench, and I occasionally stand on it to reach things in high places. You can't see it in this picture, but there are some great tiger maple pieces on the top.

An oak sign

I'm really not a sign maker, but this project kind of fell into my lap. It's made of oak to withstand the harsh Great Lakes environment.

Varsity C

                                    This is a "school spirit" letter of my own design.

This is an oak table I built for my dining room.
Click here for step-by-step photos of the building process.

Corian Intarsia Heron

                        Scroll Sawn Heron
                                         Click here


Click here for step-by-step photos of the building process.

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