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This is our newest page, for the Shopsmith owner who wants to get the most out of this versatile machine, or for the person who is considering purchasing a Shopsmith.

Getting to know the Shopsmith
            What is a Shopsmith? Should I Buy One?
            Shopsmith Models
            Model 500 to 510 Upgrade
            Model 510 to 520 Upgrade
            Table Saw Showdown
            Who Uses a Shopsmith?
            Shopsmith Demonstration at Lowe's
            Evolution of the Mark V
            Top Ten Things You Might Not Know About Shopsmith
Using Your Shopsmith
            Cutting Mortises with the Shopsmith
            Conical Sanding Disk
            Disk Sander
            Cutting Biscuit Slots with the Shopsmith
            Horizontal Boring Machine
            Build a Footstool With Your Shopsmith
Maintenance and Repair
            Lubricating the Sheaves
            Checking and Adjusting Belt Tension
            High Speed Adjustment
            Replacing the Speed Changer
            Rebuilding the Headstock
            Shopsmith Links
            10ER Info
            Shopsmith vs. the Competition
            Shopsmith Band Saw Review
            Vintage Mark V Manual
            Vintage Jigsaw Manual

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