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Early Shopsmith Mark V Manual


Manual for Magna (Greenie) Mark V

Warning! The procedures in this catalogue do not reflect modern woodworking standards of safety. These include (but are not necessarily limited to) photographs of the Shopsmith being used without upper and lower saw guards, and clamping a lathe tool to the tool rest.

Contact Shopsmith, Inc. ( to find out how you can upgrade your older Mark V to meet modern safety requirements.

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            Front Cover  (110K)
            Page 2        (88K)
            Page 3        (95K)
            Page 4        (109K)
            Page 5        (96K)
            Page 6        (143K)
            Page 7        (116K)
            Page 8        (146K)
            Page 9        (149K)
            Page 10      (144K)
            Page 11      (147K)
            Page 12      (142K)
            Page 13      (114K)
            Page 14      (121K)
            Page 15      (142K)
            Page 16      (130K)
            Page 17      (138K)
            Page 18      (130K)
            Page 19      (129K)
            Page 20      (119K)
            Page 21      (124K)
            Page 22      (122K)
            Page 23      (147K)
            Page 24      (147K)
            Page 25      (137K)
            Page 26      (108K)
            Page 27      (119K)
            Page 28      (128K)
            Page 29      (111K)
            Page 30      (114K)
            Page 31      (89K)
            Back Cover  (76K)

Total download size: about 4MB

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