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Evolution of the Mark V

The Mark V has been around in one form or another for over half a century.
How can you tell one from another?

1953-1960 Green Machines
3/4 horsepower motor
single bearing quill

This machine was way ahead of its time, but it canít compare to todayís Mark V.

1960-1963 Anniversary Model
Brown/Gold/Tan color scheme
All Anniversary Models have a single bearing quill
1960-61        3/4 horsepower motor
1962-63      1 1/8 horsepower motor

I think these are beautiful machines. The horsepower is marked on the headstock vent plate.

1963-1967 Smooth Gray Paint
1 1/8 horsepower motor
single bearing quill

For a few years the Shopsmith went out of production.

1972 The current Shopsmith company is formed.
The Mark V remains as it was when production stopped.
Gray Paint (Smooth texture)
1 1/8 horsepower motor
single bearing quill

1984 Gray Paint (rough texture)
Single Bearing Quill is replaced by two-bearing quill.

1985 Model 510 is added to the line.

1991 Headstock is revamped
This is the "C" headstock which has the red safety switch
and larger access hole. This picture, like the two that follow
it, were taken at a demonstration at Lowes.

1996 The Model 510 becomes the primary Mark V model.
This 510 has the "C" headstock, and from this angle you can see the larger access hole.

1999 The Model 520 is introduced.
The 520 is similar to the 510. It has the same tables and guards,
but it has an improved fence and rail system.

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