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Who Uses a Shopsmith?

This is starting as a pretty short list, but I hope to add more names as time goes on. If you're a woodworker who uses a Shopsmith, drop me an email, send a pic if you have one, and add any comments you might think are useful.

Resophonic Guitar by Dan Brooks Resophonic Guitar by Dan Brooks

This beautiful guitar was built by Dan Brooks of B & B Resophonic Guitars. Like me, Dan is a second-generation Shopsmith owner (his father got a Shopsmith in 1955). According to Dan, the "lionís share" of the work is done on his Shopsmith (Mark V). Click here for pictures of Dan's shop (and his Shopsmith).

This excellent tool chest was built by Craig Anderson of Lincoln, Nebraska, using a Mark V.

"Best all around tool available for the price category. One of the best start up tools for up and coming wood worker. For a small shop, by far the best solution - great work center."
(Craig Anderson)

This 10 ER was restored by J. Paul Dunbar's of Hattiesburg, MS.
"The old Shopsmiths are built like a battle ship and the testament to them is the fact that this machine of mine is over 50 years old with the original motor and bearings, and still runs like it was brand new."
(J. Paul Dunbar)

My dad is one of the original Shopsmith users. This 10ER has been his main tool for about half a century, and it has had ZERO repairs. He gave it a fresh coat of paint a few years back, and shortly after he got it he fabricated a metal sheath that surrounds the original wooden beams, but it still has the original belts and bearings and still runs like a charm. The little guy with him is my nephew, Joel.

Celebrity woodworkers who use a Shopsmith

Click to enlarge

Edgar Bergen
Edgar Bergen, the famous ventriloquist, was also a Shopsmith owner. Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd are helping out while Edgar drills a hole using the horizontal boring function. According to Dave Folkerth of Shopsmith, Inc., the machine in this photo was used to make Mortimer and Charlie.

Nick Engler
Wright Brothers Aerospace Company

Perhaps you saw Nick and his crew on the History Channel Special, The Wright Challenge. They built and flew a replica of the 1903 Wright Flyer, and if you were looking carefully you saw some great shots of the Shopsmith in action. (I'm not sure how many Shopsmith products he has, but he seems to have several versions of the Mark V, a planer, and lots of accessories.)

Mr. Engler is the author of about 30 woodworking books (including Workbenches and Shop Furniture), is the founder of Hands On! magazine, and has worked as a luthier and teacher of woodworking for the University of Cincinnati.

Andy Rooney

Mr. Rooney has two workshops, a large workshop in upstate New York, and a smaller shop in his home in Connecticut. The workhorse of this shop is a 1951 Shopsmith, and Mr. Rooney is the original owner.

Andy Rooney's Shopsmith was a gift from Golden Age Television Personality and fellow woodworker Arthur Godfrey, which leads me to believe he, too, was a Shopsmith user.

Doug Stowe
Professional Woodworker, author of Creating Beautiful Boxes with Inlay Techniques

Mr. Stowe got a Shopsmith for his 14th birthday, and he still uses it regularly in his shop. His book features some nice pictures of the Shopsmith in use.

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