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Checking and Adjusting Belt Tension

These instructions are meant to supplement your Shopsmith materials. Do NOT attempt to adjust or repair your Shopsmith without the proper Shopsmith instructions.

Check the tension of the Shopsmith after 10 hours of running time, if something seems to be slipping, or if the top of the headstock gets hot when the machine is running.

Checking the Tension

Unplug the machine.

Remove the belt cover.

Press your fingers against the belt. If it moves more than 1/8" under heavy pressure, it's time to tension the belt.

Adjusting the Tension

The tension is adjusted by moving an eccentric bushing that surrounds the idler shaft.

Use a hex wrench to loosen the bolt which holds the eccentric bushing.

Rotate the bushing clockwise with a screwdriver. After the bushing stops moving, test the belt tension. If the tension feels right, tighten the bolt.

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