dewalt table saw review
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DeWalt Table Saw Review

Okay, I probably bought the wrong table saw. In my own defense, buying a table saw is a lot like buying a toaster. You donít know what youíve got until you get it home and try it.

To do it over I would buy the DeWalt Woodworker's Table Saw (a.k.a the DW746X).

From what I can tell, itís a great saw for the small shop. Unlike a contractor saw, which has a motor hanging out of the back and splayed legs, the DeWalt has a compact square footprint. Unlike cabinet saws, it runs off household current. I like the fence, too. It is one of the few fences that can be safely used in conjunction with the miter bar. And, as far as I know, it is the only fence with a rip scale that remains accurate when the blade is tilted.

Unfortunately, I do not own a DeWalt, so my knowledge is limited to what I could gather by reading magazines and playing with the one at my local retailer, so there is an admitted credibility gap. Still, from what I can tell, it seems to be a neat saw.

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