paul's woodworking projects
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Uncle Paul's Projects

This furniture was designed and built by Paul Bliss. Paul is a good woodworker and all-around handyman who seems to know about everything from building barns to fixing tractors.

Paul used red oak and red oak wainscoting, and everything is held together with mortise and tenon joints, dadoes, and biscuits. Except for the lamp, dimensions are given
in inches (width x depth x height).

End Table (28 x 20 x 30)
end table

The shelves are for magazines and knitting books.

Plant Stand (15 x 15 x 12 ˝)
plant stand

With plastic liner for plant

Floor Lamp (55 inches tall)
floor lamp and plant stand with plant

I seem to recall Paul telling me that he glued up the center sections from separate pieces so there would be a void in the middle to run the electrical cord.

TV Stand (34 x 18 x 13)
tv and vcr stand
This TV stand is my favorite of the group—I might have to build one for myself!

Microwave Stand (23 x 14 x 36)
microwave stand

The microwave sits on top while the shelves hold cookbooks.

Dresser (18 x 36 x 32)

Paul's winter '04-'05 project continues his Red Oak and Wainscoting theme.


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