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Cutting the Segments for a Block Rim

I use six segments per layer when I am making a typical block rim. Each segment is 2 /12 inches wide and 7 inches long (measuring from the longest side). I find it useful to lay out my segments in advance so I can work around any defects in the wood.

I often cut the segments on my miter saw. My Delta saw doesnít have a positive stop at 30 degrees, which is a real pain in the neck.

If you donít have a miter saw, you can build a jig for your table saw. This jig holds the wood at a precise 30 degree angle as it moves through the saw.

The bottom of the jig has a hardwood runner that fits in the slot of my table saw.

This picture shows the jig in action. For photographic purposes I removed the blade guard and took the picture with the saw turned off.

Because I built this jig to fit my Shopsmith, I can swap the table saw blade for a sanding disk and sand the edge to perfection.

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