Shop Rules
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Shop Rules

One of the nice things about having a workshop is that I can share the equipment with friends. However, in order to remain friends, I've decided to set up some guidelines.

  1. Tools stay in the shop.

  2. I make no claims regarding the safety of this equipment. I am not an expert, and for all I know, I am using the equipment incorrectly. Even if I tell you something is safe, I might be wrong. If you do hurt yourself I probably won't know what to do, and I might not have the presence of mind to phone for help.

  3. Even though I make no claims about the safety of the equipment, I still think you should use the proper safety gear and guidelines. These include, but are not limited to, wearing safety glasses or goggles, wearing hearing protection, keeping your hands at least six inches away from saw blades and spinning bits, and avoiding the use of power equipment if you have been drinking or if you are groggy.

  4. Leave things as you found them. Try to be reasonably clean, and if you should accidentally break something, please replace it or have it repaired back to its original condition.

  5. The tools have been carefully set to make nice square cuts. Feel free to change blades or bits, move the fence, or adjust the cutting depth, but please leave things square.

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