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High Speed Adjustment Tool
These instructions are meant to supplement your Shopsmith materials. Do NOT attempt to adjust or repair your Shopsmith without the proper Shopsmith instructions.

This is my favorite new Shopsmith gadget.

I use it to turn the speed control when doing a high speed adjustment.

I made it from a drill bit extension that I never use.

The extension has a threaded hole for a set screw. The set screw will hold the tool in place on the speed control spindle.

Unfortunately, the hole in the end of the tool was a bit too small to fit over the speed control spindle. I had to ream it out, which was a perfect opportunity to use my Shopsmith in horizontal boring mode.

I began by drilling a hole in a 2 x 4. I didnít go all the way through. I stopped before I hit the fence, then I sawed the board a little narrower.

I put the drill bit extension through the block of wood. The wood canít move backwards because Iíve got a scrap of oak in the miter slot of the table, and the Vice Grips keep the work from turning as itís being drilled.

I cut the tool shorter with my RotoZip (using an abrasive wheel), then I ground the edges square on my bench grinder. I didnít measure, just eyeballed the whole thing.

The bit fits nicely into a tap handle.

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