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The following is a partial list of people who, one way or another, influenced or encouraged my woodworking, banjo playing, or have helped with this website.

Peter Adamini
Craig Anderson
Basil Barcome
Ed Begley, Jr.
Paul Bliss
Jay Broderson
Robert Challman
Mickey Cochran
Walter David
Chuck Day
J. Paul Dunbar
Simon Eng
Dave Folkerth
Ross Glass
Jon Haberstock
Pat Horton
Georg Keilhofer
Marty Lanham
Al Levendosky
Jack Loganbill
Steve Martin
Kathy Matsushita
Jim Theodore
David Thiel
Matthias Wandel
Joe Woodworker

Plus all of the people who were kind enough to let me use pics of their Shopsmith woodworking machines.

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